London Boudoir & Body Confidence Photography

…it’s time we

celebrated you.!

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London Boudoir &

Body Confidence Photography

You at Yours provides women with an experience that helps them witness and celebrate the true beauty and strength that they carry, all through the art of photography.

It is the experience which will help encourage you to face your fears, which for most people, is having their photo taken half-naked! Overcoming this fear and investing in some self-love is where the magic happens.

It’s not just about the photos - although they do tend to turn out pretty amazing…




My name’s Mervyn and my goal is to get as many women as possible to celebrate and love themselves a little more. I know, I’m crazy!

This passion started out off the back of many women around me being really hard on themselves (and each other). You know:

“I’m too fat/skinny”

“Look at my pasty skin. Look at my milk bottle legs”

(directed at another person) “What do YOU have to complain about? At least you don’t have _____(fill in the blank)”

So I decided to switch my photography skills from weddings towards the concept of better body confidence for all.


 The Experience

See what goes on behind the scenes…

Every studio session includes the following:

Full hair & makeup • Posing & direction guidance • 3-4 outfits • Prosecco • Same-day photo reveal

Privacy is everything

Your images shouldn’t be seen by anyone else unless you specifically want them to be. We discuss at the photo reveal which photos (if any) you’re okay with being seen by the public (via social media or on this very website).

I often create great images and want to show the world but your permission is required first.


Boudoir Videos

When photos just aren’t enough…

…you do not need to be a model!

The truth is that NOBODY knows how to pose, yet EVERYBODY expects they should know how to!

It’s my job to guide to you through the entire process so you’re looking your best! A body confidence shoot is all about acceptance, love and celebration of your body, whatever your shape and size.

However, it’s important for you to keep in mind that this kind of shoot may not be for you if you’re expecting lots of Photoshop to adapt how you look. Whilst I will make minor changes (such as spots and bruises), I don’t use Photoshop, as using it would conflict with my goal of getting you to accept, love and celebrate your true self - not an altered version.

You are perfect as you are - you just haven’t seen it yet!



Luxury Products

Digital files are great but think for a moment: where will your USB be in 3 years? Keeping your photos on your phone will no doubt result in them getting lost amongst a sea of selfies, puppies and pictures of donuts…or is that just me?! 🍩

Invest in yourself with something tangible like one of my luxury albums. Physically being able to see, feel and own the day that you overcame your fears and looked your best will be a constant reminder of the beauty and power you possess.



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