Let’s be honest - if you’re here, you’re probably still getting your head around the idea of prancing around an apartment in your underwear drinking prosseco whilst having your picture taken! I totally get it. So I’ve written a breakdown of every step that will be taken between now and the end of the shoot!


Let’s take a detailed look at what you can expect from the experience…

+ Initial Contact

Be it via email or sliding into my DMs, this is the hardest step for a lot of people. Just saying hi! I’ll welcome you to my world and we'll briefly touch on your reasons for doing the shoot and set up a call. I’ll also run you through the session fee and what it includes. Though if you’re reading this, you probably already know this information – smart arse!

+ Consultation

We’ll have a discussion over the phone/Skype/Facetime so I can get to know you a bit more. It really helps me paint a picture of the person I'm going to be taking photos of. Each woman is unique and often wants a completely different outcome to the last so it's important for me to understand and learn more about you.

I'll tell you about what to expect from the booking process and the experience itself and of course you'll get a chance to ask me all the questions in the world! I'm sure you've got loads. We’ll discuss pricing, I’ll talk to you about product options and more about what the shoot will be like (hint: fun!).

+ After the consultation

If you decide to go ahead with the shoot, I'll send you over an invoice for your session payment along with a contract. Once these are paid and signed I’ll then forward to you a short questionnaire (asking things like your favourite parts of your body, your favourite music etc.) along with a guide showing you exactly how to prepare for your shoot. You’ll also be given some mini homework to have a look at my Pinterest boards for photos that you like the look of along with hair and makeup styles that you love. These are for inspiration only so don’t get scared!

+ Shoot day - Hair & Makeup

The day you’ve been waiting for! It’s so exciting, right?! You’ll receive the warmest welcome to the studio. Smiles and hugs all-round. Glass of prosecco? We’ll have a chat to see how you’re doing and then you’re in the hands of my amazing make-up and hair artist. Every artist I work with is super professional, friendly and very, very good at what they do. You’re in very capable hands!

+ Shoot day - Choosing outfits

Once you guys have talked enough hair and beauty and you’re all glammed up, I’ll come back and we’ll go through your outfits. You’ll have an opportunity to express how adventurous you’re feeling. There is no pressure to wear anything you don’t want to – even if you brought it with you. We all get second thoughts. I’ll give you my opinion on what works and we’ll agree on an order of service! Typically it starts with most conservative to least conservative as you get more and more confident throughout the shoot. I do find that comfort levels soften as the shoot goes on too so don’t be surprised if this happens to you!

+ Shoot day - Picture time

The best part of the day. If the idea of this gives you knots in your stomach, please believe me when I say that the shooting experience is WAAAAY easier than you think it’s going to be. Check out the testimonials page (if you haven’t already) to see other women testify to this. Everyone says the same thing by the end: “oh, was that it?” haha.

Nobody knows how to pose. Remember this. There is no expectation on you to know what to do. I’ll place you in various locations and poses within the studio and direct you completely. From how to stand, where to sit and the best place to lie down.

The shooting takes 2-3 hours. For some people it’s more, for others it’s less. Every client is unique.

+ After the shoot

You’ll get changed back into your decent clothes(!) and I’ll send you off for an hour or so to go for a coffee or something to eat. Whilst you’re doing that, I’ll be culling and soft-editing your photos. Bring a book or your laptop if you want to catch up on some work whilst you’re waiting. Or just message your girls and tell them about the crazy shit you just did!

+ Photo reveal time!

Once I’m done making your photos even more beautiful, I’ll call you back and sit you down to watch a slideshow of your images. I always have tissues around for this part. I’ve had some criers in my time. Most people have not seen themselves made up and sensual in this way. It can be overwhelming…

We’ll go through your favourites and discuss what products you’ll like. Most people opt for the custom mobile app because it's convenient and on hand and also the photo album as it’s a tangible product they can hold in their hands, yet keep it private at the same time (though I’m totally encouraging of anyone that wants to put their album on their coffee table haha).

+ You did it!

And that’s it! I wish you goodbye! What will you do after the shoot now that you’re all glammed up? Dinner with your girls, A hot date? 1700 selfies? Whatever it is, go make the most of it. You deserve it.

+ Delivery of your images

One final thing and that's receiving your images. Obviously this depends on what products you opted for. If you just went for the digital option (custom mobile app/digital files) then you should receive these within a week (and sometimes on the same day if possible!). For photo albums and folio boxes, these take a little longer as they're imported from Italy. So turnaround time is anywhere from 3-6 weeks for delivery. Well worth it though, I promise!

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