If you’re anything like me, you’re gonna have a tonne of questions you’ll want answering before you commit to a shoot with me. My first suggestion is that you schedule a call and jump on the phone with me! Otherwise, you should hopefully find the answer below. If not, contact me!

+ How much is it

Great question! Let me send you over to my pricing page where you can get more info on the cost of the shoot!

+ Can I bring a friend?

Of course! Or a family member! Bring your local lollipop lady if you like! Whoever you feel might be encouraging whilst you’re having your shoot done. I allow one additional person during the shoot and I do require they adhere to a couple of rules:

  1. Positive vibes only! “That bra doesn’t fit right” or “I don’t think your husband is going to like that pose” are examples of things that will most likely knock your confidence. If you’re happy, I’m happy. And whilst I appreciate your cheerleader’s opinion matters to you (and can also be very valid), it can sometimes be unhelpful and distracting.
  2. Whilst their encouragement and positive energy is so, so welcome, I ask that they don’t get involved with posing direction. It can cause confusion and slow down the flow of the shoot.

Also, think about how you may feel wearing lingerie around the person you may invite along. Will it make you feel weird carrying out sexy poses in front of them? You may find it easier being sassy in front of someone you don’t know as well (me!) vs a life long friend who may never have seen you on all fours in your underwear before haha With this in mind I would strongly consider doing the shoot on your own. However, if you’re insistent on having someone in the room, tell them to bring their pom-poms for cheerleading duty haha.

Or, why not get your friend in on the action too?! I can give them a referral discount if they’re interested. Contact me to learn more.

+ Can I bring my partner?

On this occasion, I’m going to say that unfortunately, I don’t allow partners to be present during the shoot. However, I’m happy to meet them and they can come along to the consultation and even on the day of the shoot, but I, unfortunately, don’t allow them to be present in the room when we’re shooting.

From my experience when anyone else is in the room (partner/mum/sis etc) the subject doesn’t fully engage/give herself to the shoot. Because now there are 2/3 people watching you. It’s intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. No matter how well you know someone, I promise you it’s the same thing. You get self-conscious. I’ve seen it loads before. So ultimately you don’t get the best photos!

+ How should I prepare for a shoot?

Great question, sunshine! After we have our consultation I’ll send you over a pdf detailing exactly what you need to do leading up to your day in front of camera. Oh man, it’s so exciting. Your stomach is probably turning at this point but trust me, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have! Check Testimonials to hear what others before you have said.

+ You’re a guy?!

Yeah, sorry to break it to you. I am. It was hard for my parents to accept too! Haha.

I will say now that having a male photographer isn’t for everyone and I’m totally okay with that. As much as I try, unfortunately, I can’t please everyone. Hopefully, the testimonials and photos do enough of the talking on my behalf as far as my integrity is concerned. If that’s not enough to dispel any fears over a male photographer, schedule a call with me and follow your famous female intuition.

You won’t be disappointed. I’m a hoot! Or at least that’s what my mother says 😊

+ Can I bring a drink?

Not only can you bring a drink but I’ll be providing something with bubbles in too to toast your achievement! You can most definitely have a drink whilst getting your hair and makeup done but only a glass or two, as we don’t want drunk eyes in the photos, lightweight! Ha!

However, because of the nature of the shoot, I kindly request you don’t consume any alcohol prior to arrival. I totally understand it could possibly help with any nerves you may have. You may be quite fearful about the prospect of having your photo taken, but my goal is to get you to face that fear full on – to jump out of the plane for the thrill and the experience. I don’t want you to look back on the shoot and take any credit away from yourself because you only managed to do it half cut!

But after the shoot, we toast, we drink! 🍾

+ Do you take photos of men?

The concept of body confidence and/or boudoir photography for men is a tricky subject. Whilst women can appreciate that they don’t want to feel the way they do about their bodies any more and/or just want some nice some photos taken, men (generally) speaking wouldn’t see the benefit in making themselves vulnerable for the camera. Plus, I’m also certain that if I suggested it to guys, there may well be a fist of two thrown my way! But I am going to do it, next year some time.

So if you see me with a black eye or two, you know what happened!

+ Do I have to go nude?

There is NO expectation to do ANYTHING you don’t want to do. This especially applies to how clothed/unclothed you want to be during your shoot. You’ll receive a questionnaire leading up to the shoot which will include a question about your current comfort level in regards to how exposed you’d like to be. We also put together a private Pinterest board where the two of us can plan a visual moodpboard of how your shoot will look. You most definitely do not need to get nude.

+ Do you provide help with outfits?

Of course! I know more than you think about lingerie! As a basic, I’ll give you advice on what will and won’t work for the look you’re trying to achieve whilst also considering your body shape and skin tone. Obviously taste is individual but I’ll certainly give you my honest opinion if you ask for it.

I also provide a service where we can go lingerie shopping together. Just ask and let’s get a shopping spree in the diary!

+ I have images I want to use as inspiration. Can you work with that?

Absolutely. Actually, this is perfect, as we’ll create a Pinterest board together where you can post images that you love the look of. So if you’ve done research before the fact, extra brownie points to you my friend!

+ How much photoshop or airbrushing do you do?

None. I resent photoshop and what it’s done for our perception of what “perfect” is or “should” be. I will happily remove anything that’s short term, such as spots and bruises etc. However, I won’t make any adjustments to your body shape, such as boob size, bum size, tummy size etc.

I may ask if there are any particular characteristics that you'd prefer I didn't touch, such as moles or scars. This is different for every person.

+ What formats do the images come in?

The three main product choices that you have to choose from are the album, the folio Box and the custom mobile app.

The album is the most popular physical product you can invest in. It's made in Italy sand comes in a presentation box. Depending on the size you purchase, there are a number of options available to you in regards to colour, material and what's written on the box.

The Folio Box is a shoebox styled container (in usually leather or linen - see attached photo as an example) of your chosen images in printed format. The beauty of this product is that your photos are already mounted. This means you can take any of your images out of the box and slide them directly into a photo frame. It also comes with a matching USB which will include all your files.

The Custom Mobile App allows you to keep your images on your phone home screen without having to dig around for them in your gallery/camera roll. If you got digital files only, you’ll be able to easily retrieve them easily for a time but will you find them in 2 years time? Clients were forever losing their photos by just getting the digital file only option, so this allows you to know where your photos are at all times. You can see a sample version here (open this link on your mobile)

Everything you purchase you make in the form of albums, folio boxes or the digital app comes with the same chosen images in digital format.

+ How many people are physically in the room?

Unless you bring someone along (see my point above about bringing someone along) to start there will never be more than 3 people: myself, the hair and makeup artist (one person) and you!

Once the makeup and hair artist leaves, it'll just be the two of us. Trust me, by this point we would have built up such a rapport that this won't be an issue for you. My goal is to create a comfortable, fun environment on every single one of my shoots. If you're not comfortable and having fun, it doesn't happen!

+ Do you cover location scouting?

Yes! During your free consultation we'll talk about where you're thinking about doing it. Unless you have a very specific place in mind, I can certain hunt down some options for you, absolutely!

+ Do you do couples?

At the time of writing this, I'm yet to do couples but I'm certainly open to the idea. Get in touch!

+ Does it all happen in one day?

That certainly depends on what type session you opt for? If you decide to come to the studio, yes, everything happens in one day and the only thing later on down the line is to collect your ordered products! If you've gone for the home shoot or on location shoot, they'll be a separate photo viewing session thrown in as well which usually happens 1-2 weeks after your shoot.

+ How long is a session?

A studio session is typically 6 hours between you walking through the door and leaving with your photos. This includes hair and makeup, 2-3 hours of shooting, editing time and photo reveal!

Home and location shoots are usually half of this time if you don't opt for hair and makeup!