You at Yours

Boudoir & Body Confidence Photography

it’s about time we celebrated you…

You at Yours provides women with an experience that helps them see the true beauty and strength that they carry, all through the art of photography.

It is this experience that will encourage you to face your fears, which for most people is having their photo taken half-naked! Overcoming this fear, accepting your body for what it is and investing in self-love is where the magic happens. It’s not just about the photos - although they do tend to turn out pretty amazing…

Hey! Welcome!

My name’s Mervyn and my goal is to get as many women as possible to celebrate and love themselves! I started this project off the back of so many women around me being really hard on themselves (and each other):

  • “I’m too fat/skinny”

  • “Look at my pasty skin! Look at my milk bottle legs”

  • (directed at another person) “What do YOU have to complain about? At least you don’t have _____”